Recistant is meant to be your Recipe Assistant.

The main idea is to store your frequently used recipes in the program. Each grocery is stored in the program with a couple of parameters such as packaging, weight or volume (or both), category (eg. baking, flowers), price per package etc.

When it's time to shop food for a couple of days you only need to browse through your recipes in the programs tab 1 and select the ones you want to shop for.

Here you also have the ability to

    • increase or decrease the number of portions individually for each recipe
    • view recipe with the changed number of portions

You may also create new recipes or edit existing ones. Clicking New or View will bring up the following dialog.

Then you go to tab 2 where all needed groceries (based on your previous selection) are preselected and the needed number of packages is set.

Now you can

    • select additional groceries that are not included in any of the recipes (eg. dipers)
    • increase number of packages of a grocery (if you need more than for the recipes)
    • deselect a grocery if you know you already have enough at home
    • decrease number of packages of a grocery

You may also create new articles or edit existing ones. Clicking New or View will bring up the following dialog.

It is time to mention the settings dialog which is accessible from both tab 1 and 2. Here you can list your standard conversions between known units, see example below. You can also change your default SMS sending web site. Compact shopping list is a good option if you will send the final shopping list by SMS instead of printing it out.

Moving on to Recistant's tab 3 you finally see a list of only the things you need to shop. But, this list is sorted by the groceries categories. The category order may be changed (ie. to reflect in which order they appear in your store) and stored. You can have several stores' category orders stored and when you are ready to go shopping you select which store you are going to and get the list sorted for that store directly.

After this you can

    • select "SMS" to open a web page where you can send this list as an SMS
    • select "Notes" to open list in your default text viewer to be able to print it out

Have fun!

/Martin J